2014-04-24 05:18:48 by simon

Anyone who hasn't already got me on Playstation, add my GT SCParry so we can play some super happy fun games together either now or in the future!

There's so many awesome games coming, MMO's, shooters, RPG's, SURVIVAL GAMES, most of which require people to play with to improve your sanity so it would be cool to get some more active people on my list (as long as you're down).

ME Insanity Difficulty

2014-01-20 12:50:34 by simon

How awesome would it be to get a Mass Effect 1080p 60fps remaster for the next-gen systems? Yeah, a boy can really fucking dream.

"And so it begins."



Anyway, the next best thing would be to play through the series again on the PS3, and what better way to play than to try the Insanity difficulty? I've never finished this game on this difficulty before and it could be real fun.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what classes to use? I was thinking either a Soldier, Adept or Sentinel. On my other playthroughs before I've generally used the Infiltrator setup so I could sit back while my squad picked all the enemies off for me.

15586_139023973431_hq_no_mask_tali_by_dannybates-d3atepj.jpg- - -  - - -  - - -

Anyway, after I just finish up I'm gonna start getting my character together and going for a serious playthrough as an renegade male, probably with a love interest with Tali and Liara.

I'm open to all feedback for the duration of my character and I'll try and keep updates if this is even interesting to any of you, I'd be interested in hearing any of your characters too if you'd wanna share them in the comments.


2012-12-25 04:22:56 by simon

Happy Holidays everyone! I wish you many happy returns, see you in 2013!



2012-09-18 15:33:09 by simon

Long time no see! I'm trying to get back into this Newgrounds business so what's the hap around these parts?

Nothing much going on with me, I've got a new found love for Borderlands and Fallout so I've been playing them religiously for a few weeks now, obviously still with a bit of Cock Band on the side. I've just updated the Rock Band DLC thread, so stay tuned for more updates over there if you're a HARDCORE ROCK BAND PLAYER... not like me.

Also here's an unnecessary picture, just because.